• enable rightlick -> team -> commit et al in DDE application window

    By Julian Buss 7 years ago

    At the moment, we need to go to the Eclipse Navigator view, look four our on-disk project there, then make team -> commit (or other team operations).

    It would be nice to have those options directly on the NSF project in the DDE Applications view.

    • understand,but....

      By Maureen Leland 7 years ago

      These actions are not happening on the resource that is in the Designer applications navigator, but rather the resource in the on disk project.  Plus, these actions are different for the different source control products you might use.  With code all things are possible, but this would risk our commitment to being agnostic.


      The code here on openNTF does not include the UI that is being built for the code that we will release with the Designer product.  So there will be significant UI improvements in the future.


      Now if someone wanted to write a "connector" for a particular source control version that attached these particular actions to the applications navigator resources and did the lookup to the on disk resource to invoke it, that would likely be possible - and openNTF would be a great place for someone to contribute that plugin :-)