• Conflicts in .metadata file when 2 people edit the same element

    By Mark Leusink 7 years ago


    We're just starting to use the SVN plugin for the Bildr project (also available on this site Glimlach ). Since I had some (versioning) problems installing it, I wrote a blog post about how to install the correct versions (see here).

    Nick Wall posted a comment on my blog about an interesting issue:

    "The main problem is that if you and Patrick edit the same element and push that to svn, no problem for svn or the plugin to get the data into Notes.nsf, but, every time you save a Notes design element, it saves "meta" data (time saved etc.). Now every single time you and other collaborators have worked on the same design elements, you will always get conflicts in SVN...which SVN allows you to merge, but this becomes tiresome very quickly. You can get SVN to ignore various files, e.g. Database props change all the time, but I do not know of anyway to ignore a section of the file."

    Any thoughts about this?


    • resolved in the product version

      By Maureen Leland 7 years ago

      The version of this plugin that will be included in 8.5.x resolves this issue by omitting some of the troublesome metadata fields.  Because the changes go beyond the team plugin, we can't update the openntf version to do the same thing. 

      The shipping version of this function also has a much improved UI, and a number of changes - one in particular that should be noted is that images are stored in the same fashion as files are, while this early version stores them as DXL.  This is something to be prepared for when upgrading to the next version of Designer.