• Changes not readable

    By Michael Schlömp 7 years ago

    If I commit change on a view formula to Subversion and compare the changes with the last entry in the repository I can't read my changes on the view formula. I think the formula is Base64 coded.

    Is there a workaround so that the changes are readable?

    Kind regards


    • yes,but...

      By Maureen Leland 7 years ago

      There is a Preference (File\Preferences\Source control) that is set by default to binary encode all the non-file based content.  It is set this way to ensure that by default, we should not lose content on DXL round trip.  However, if you know your application and know that text based DXL is sufficient, you can uncheck that box and get text based DXL - which will certainly have a more meaningful compare!


      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Maureen,that helps

        By Michael Schlömp 7 years ago

        that helps indeed. Now it is much more comparable.

        Appreciated your quick help.