• there is an issue with the diff tool

    By RajDeoVindice GR 6 years ago

    The ondisk project creation process and import to a new ntf show differences in the line ordering in case of lotusscript code which makes it difficult to compare with earlier releases as well as hampers integration with any code review system. Kindly let me know whether there is a resolution for this that exists. I have already mailed the exact scenario that we tried out. Awaiting response.


    Rajashekhara Gopalarao, 


    • this may be a line break issue

      By Maureen Leland 6 years ago

      which was fairly recently fixed in the 8.5.3 release.  what we found was that some source control products were changing the line breaks in our files, and this caused many diffs on a later compare.  Your steps did not include a push to a source control product, but it did seem to be inferred, and this seems like it could be the cause.


      At this stage, since 8.5.3 will ship relatively soon, I would advise people to wait to use the team development features in 8.5.3 rather than use this OpenNTF early version.


      Please reply here to be sure I see any response sooner.