• Installation - SmartNSF-1.0.0-BETA-3

    By Pervela M Ram 2 years ago

    Hi Christian,

    Good Day.
    I had attended the webinar on SmartNSF few days ago. In the process downloaded SmartNSF-1.0.1-BETA-3 software and followed the steps, however the option (XREST API Routes) does not show up under Application Configuration.

    Install content of designer-updatesite into your Domino Designer via File - Application -Install... menu (and restart DDE afterwards).

    Import content of server-updatesite into update site database on your server (and issue restart task http command on your server console to load it).

    Is there anything that I am missing although the steps are simple and straight forward? Please help me understand.

    Thanks & Regards,
    P. Mallik Ram

    • By Pervela M Ram 2 years ago

      Hi Christian,

      BlueMix Plug-in is already enabled. Please find UpdateSite database snapshot.

      P. Mallik Ram