• How we're using this excellent NTF!

    By Jeremiah W Benjamin 5 years ago

    First, thank you for an amazingly useful application! RAP is very easy to modify – and I'm not even a Developer! Here's what we're doing now and some plans for the future:

    • Customized the 1-up, 2-up and 4-up displays with our company logo and colors. Removed meeting subject from all displays and enlarged table sections and fonts for easier reading.

    • Customized the 2-up and 4-up displays to be “cleaner” and optimized for iPad by removing the “instant message” section and change the date display to not show time (time is always shown along the top edge of the iPad).

    • Created a mobile-friendly menu of locations and rooms using CSS MenuMaker (cssmenumaker.com) so we can deploy to smartphone users as a mobile web app.

    • Created a “rotating display” of a few 4-up pages for the main corporate building using the HTML from here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/84163/how-can-i-cycle-through-pages. This is used by the front desk to help direct visitors.

    • Testing wall-mounted recycled iPad Gen 1 devices at each meeting room with a 1-up display on it. Only issue is remembering to power the device off at night and back on in the morning! If successful we may recycle more old iPads or purchase a purpose-built device (any suggestions?).

    • Created a full listing of all rooms in the company and linked to them from Quickr. Now any user anywhere can look up any room in the company and have its schedule shown in their local time.

    Future plans:

    • Looking to add a “Tomorrow” section (column?) to 1-up and 2-up displays, probably using a less bright/ less bold font.

    • Would love to get the “book now” button/ link to work as well. Using iPads or similar touchscreen device at each room would invite impromptu bookings. This would save a lot of time vs. calling another user, booking the correct room at the correct time for the correct duration, etc.

    • By Adrian Randall 5 years ago

      We are looking to do a very similar thing and have made a decent start on modifications of this database. I'd be keen to hear how your modifications went and how things progressed on the iPad side of it?

      Would you consider a collaboration to provide back to the community?

      • By Jeremiah W Benjamin 5 years ago

        Sure! I've actually been working on something for SocialBizUG to showcase the solution we're working on. Being that this is a pet project for me, I can only put in a couple hours here and there.

        That said, I've gotten quite a lot of solid feedback for both the room signage (2 iPads) and the “web app” which we deployed to over 200 iOS devices. Users are clearly finding this information very handy, so it is well worth sharing!