• XPages OpenLog Logger Integration?

    By Paul S Withers 3 years ago

    Great work!

    I'd be happy to go through the Java code and redirect all the sysout and printStackTrace() references through a central function that can log out to OpenLog or just print to console, based on xsp.property setting if you wish. it shouldn't take long to do. I could either add the XPages OpenLog Logger classes to the template or point it to the OSGi plugin, whichever you prefer.

    With a custom error page, any uncaught errors not yet identified would also get logged (I find that very useful during development).

    If you're using source control (although I know it's not necessarily foolproof for all traditional Notes functionality), I can also set up a repository and project on OpenNTF Stash for you.

    • By Vladimir Kornienko 3 years ago

      That would be great! Thanks for the offer!
      I'm new to working with projects here… what would I need to do to let you do that?

      I'm not using any source control at the moment - it's been quite some time since I've done any serious development, so if you can help me in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. :)