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    By Zeff Wheelock 7 years ago

    Is there a way we could have a department field and be able to sort by department or have a custom sort based on the order that the departments were put in in the preferences? It could be a category type that the user defines and then has a field where he types the order he would like the categories to be displayed in (or alphabetical) and each group of people would be sorted within that category in the list with the header (probably in bold) headlining the group.


    Bob Smith phone…

    Mary Jones phone…


    Ted Kennedy phone…


    If the category was defined by the user, then you could have multiple possibilities: Site, Manager, Region, etc.

    • Version 1.3 supports a categorized display of contacts

      By F. Kranenburg 7 years ago

      I have added tree support so you can filter/ categorize on department (location). This was not the most easy part and took a lot of time. Let me know if this is the right direction!

      • By Zeff Wheelock 7 years ago

        In a custom application, what field would I put in to categorize them? Location? If that is it, then anything I put in the Location field would categorize the contacts. Once I get confirmation on the field name, I will give it a try. Thanks!

        What is the Application/Location difference? Is Application the different phone books you are displaying and the Location is the categorization of the names?

        I have been having a strange problem reading the documentation. I cannot open it through a web browser (IE or Firefox) without the each browser freezing up nor can I save it down to the HD and double click on the file to open it up. I can only open the Reader application and choose Open and the choose the file. Weird.

        Thanks for writing this application. Currently, our base is on 8.5.1 (or getting onto 8.5.1) but I plan on pushing 8.5.3 when it comes out to address the security concerns. Then I will have the rest of our department try it.

        • Response

          By F. Kranenburg 7 years ago

          Yes, you should indeed use the 'location' custum field to categorize your contacts. Currently it supports only a single value per contact, contacts that are in multiple locations (in a multivalue field) are not supported yet.

          When you choose 'application', it categorizes on the source application where the contact has been stored. When you choose 'location' it will use the 'Location' field in the addressbook.

          I have no problemens opening up the PDF from OpenNTF in IE, I'm using Adobe Reader X.

          I build this plugin using 8.5.2. I'm not sure it uses specific 8.5.2 java libraries, so it should work fine on 8.5.1.

          No thanks Zeff, I have build this application for fun and learning and I'm pleased to know a department is going to try it out!

          • By Zeff Wheelock 7 years ago

            Hm. Added a field called Location to my custom app, built a view where column is called Department, but it looks for Department field. Set the sort to categorize by that column and the name is the secondary sort, buit nothing shows. Am I missing something basic here?

            • view must be flat,not categorized

              By F. Kranenburg 7 years ago
            • view must be flat

              By F. Kranenburg 7 years ago

              The view should only contain all of the contacts, the information will be read from the fields directly, not the view columns. This is something I need to change in the future because the 'loading' of contacts is a bit slow.

              • By Zeff Wheelock 7 years ago

                I apologize for harping on this issue. I have a custom db that I created that has:








                For some reason, it will not display the names at all. I have tested with two names to see if it starts with the Location field, but the display is blank. Switching it to Application shows the names in Application view. I am using the Location name for the department so I have added the department name which contain spaces (I doubt if that is the problem). I take it from your previous messages that the display does not make a difference, so I have one column that lists the Last comma First of the person. I have tried to switch that to a Last column and a First column. Nothing seems to work. Fooled with the Sorting feature a little to no avail. Any help would be great. Again, Sorry to be a pest about this.

                • maybe send me a test db?

                  By F. Kranenburg 7 years ago

                  Hi Zeff,

                  Sorry for the late answer, I was on holiday.

                  I'm using almost the same setup for my own custom application. Could you maybe send me a test db (a copy of some sort) so I can test it with that data?


                  • By Zeff Wheelock 7 years ago

                    Where should I send it?

                    • my e-mail address

                      By F. Kranenburg 7 years ago

                      you may send it to ferry.kranenburg-at-changetocomm.nl