• Project still maintained ?

    By Serge Molinari 5 years ago

    Hello Ferry,

    I just found this project. It's exactly what I was looking for for my company. I would like to install it for about 20 people but I don't know how to do this automatically and without Notes Designer installed …

    Can you help?

    Many thanks in advance,

    • By F. Kranenburg 5 years ago

      Hi Serge,

      This project is not really maintained anymore, I just can't find the time.

      You could install it in you widget catalog and push it as an widget to your users. I don't know how this exactly works but I found a starting point for you here

      And here


      • By Serge Molinari 5 years ago

        Hello Ferry,

        Thank you for your answer and for the links :-) …