• problem with POI 4 Xpages when it's running on domino server

    By yasmine bennadir 9 years ago


    I'm a beginner in xpages and I faced a problem, I should use POI 4 XPages in a project for generating excel files so I installed POI on server and on my machine when I run a local project it works very well and no problem with it but when i run a project hosted on the server and when I click On download button I get http error 500

    Please if anyone has an idea about this error let me know the solution

    Best Regards,

    • By Christian Güdemann 9 years ago

      Hello Yasmine

      Great to hear that you are using POI 4 XPages and also joining the XPages Developer Crowd.
      Can you please provide us some information about the Error. For that you should change the follwoing setting on your application:
      Enabling the Display XPage runtime error page will provide you more information on how and what fails.

      And here some short question for verification:

      1. What server version did you use
      2. Did you signed the content of the updatesite on your server with a Notes ID that has the right to run this type of code?
      3. Can you type on the server console the command “tell http osgi ss biz.webgate” and post the result?

      Hope that helps
      Best regards

      • By yasmine bennadir 9 years ago

        Hi ,

        Thank you for the answer I discovered that the domino server 8.5.3 is running with jdk version 1.6 which is not compatible with POI 4XPages .

        Best Regards,

        • By Lena Troxler 9 years ago

          Hi Yasmine

          We tested POI also under 8.5.3 and it runs fine. Could you please post the error message that you receive when you enable the 'Display XPage runtime error page' as described above?

          Kind regards