• Word-Export: computeValue-Variables

    By P Laule 3 years ago

    I want to create a Word document. Data source is a 'dominoViewSource', filtered by key.
    With the view data I want to fill a table in the Word document. That's working fine by using 'columnTitle'.
    But I must compute an output value and need to get a handle to the document/ viewEntry within 'computeValue'. The mouseover help tells me that
    'the current line and the current object are accessible with the defined
    variables' (see screenshot).

    What are the variable names in this case or where can I define the variable names?

    In the Excel Export I can define this in the 'data2RowExport' via 'index' and 'var'. But those variables are not available in the Word Export.
    I tried viewEntry, row, i, etc. - with no luckā€¦

    Thank you for a reply!