• Changing bookmarks does not work

    By Christopher Richards 5 years ago

    I have modified the template in the same database. Simply changes the placeholder from «name» to «enq»

    have then modified the bookmark on the POI document from viewScope.name to viewScope.enq, and changed the data binding on the name field to viewScope.enq.

    When I run the download, it now does not pull through the data, and simply displays «enq» when downloaded.

    Any idea's why changing the book mark name is causing the value to stop being pulled in?


    • By Christian Güdemann 5 years ago

      Hi Christopher

      The effect is well known, has mostly to do with the spellchecker. Please shutdown the spellchecker in word and resave your template. I hope that you have also changed the Name of the Bookmark because the assignment is based on the name.

      Hope this helps

      • By Christopher Richards 5 years ago

        Thanks Christian,

        I have disabled the spellchecker in word, and closed word. Re-opened my template in word, confirmed settings were still disabled, updated placeholder name and saved.

        Added new template to my database, and updated bookmark name to the new placeholder name.

        However, I still get the same issue, no values pulling through, just the string «enquiry» in the word document where the value should be….

        • By Christopher Richards 5 years ago


          I decided to create a new word document, simply with «enquiry», and use this as the template, and not the field value gets pulled through.

          Maybe the fact that spellcheck was enabled “at some point” on the previous document meant that some of the xml that is generated during spellcheck was still on the document.

          Whatever the reason, a brand new document seems to work for me now.

          Thanks again