• Works great!

    By Thomas Adrian 5 years ago

    I just tried this application and it works very well

    I do have two questions.

    1. After I started the application the first thing I looked for was a way to collect data from other users. what is the workflow for doing this? do they need to open the application to do this? can you provide a scenario for how to collect data from other users

    2. You might want to provide a warning for the “examin drives” button that it might take very long time.

    nice work!

    • By Dominic Shields 5 years ago

      Hi Thomas, firstly thanks for the feedback as without feedback it is hard to know what anyone thinks and I'm pleased you like it.
      As to your questions, the code must run as the user so the simplest method of getting my users to use it was a database link with instructions on our intranet. In the most recent usage this was followed up with targetted email reminders containing a database link to users who exist in our Notes Corporate Directory who did not have a PC Config document. Naturally I stripped out that agent because I judged it too specific to my organisation. This process inevitably leaves a hard-core 10-20% of people who don't comply with nice requests so we are currently implementing using the Notes Client shutdown process (Marvel is the software) to call the agent A.PCConfig which runs my code without user input.

      1. I think you are right about “Examine Drives”, this was very much an ad-hoc request that I have left in place on the basis that it can't hurt but I agree a message with the chance to abort would be good.
      • By Thomas Adrian 5 years ago

        Great, thanks for the info

        • By Dominic Shields 5 years ago

          Hi Thomas, I just realised you are the author of Intrapages - outstanding work, my boss is trying to get people in my office who are looking at Social type interaction interested in using it.

    • By Dominic Shields 5 years ago

      I neglected to mention that my first attempt of automating data collection was to call the agent that runs this code from Bookmark.nsf but the admins were happier with the control they have with using MarvelClient http://www.panagenda.com/en_uk/marvelclient on Notes Shutdown.