• Enable use of To Do Items

    By Chris Brown 2 decades ago

    The Template looks great so far, but I think it could be better using the ToDo Form…

    • To Do Items sync with a Palm Pilot (using Intellisync at least, I think Pylon offers more flexibility).
    • It is easier to create a brand new To Do and doesn't have to be a draft.
    • The Convert To in the "Action" button creates a dupe… the mail message gets the GTD stuff and a "raw" ToDo is created.
    • Adding the GTD Actions to the To Do View works, but they only show in the "Actions" custom view.

      I just downloaded the template this morning and will be playing with it more soon. I'll document my changes later, but wanted to post this in case others were thinking/working on the same idea.



      BTW… This is a great starting point… THANK YOU for your efforts.
    • A start on how to do this...

      By Chris Brown 2 decades ago

      Adding the GTD Actions to the ToDo's…

      Views ->

      • (To do's\By Category)
        • Insert Shared Action…
            • @GTDAction, @GTDDelegate, @GTDFile

              Forms ->
      • To Do
        • Insert Shared Actions…
          • @GTDActionInside, @GTDDelegateInside, @GTDSomedayInside

            Note: The ToDo's do not show in all the GTD views. Still investigating.
      • ToDo's do not show cuz no "Follow Up" fields defined

        By Chris Brown 2 decades ago

        ToDo's will not show in the GTD Views because they are missing the Follow Up field values.

        This can be overcome by clicking Action/Delegate/Someday and defining them, but that is kind of a pain if you have 200+ existing ToDo's.

        The View's "Action" column could be modified to show FollowUpText if available, otherwise Subject. That would be a bit of work and I'd rather not chase the wrong rabbit trail if there is a better way to handle/integrate ToDo's, so I'll think/play with it for a while.



    • Show/Edit the Follow Up Text in the ToDo Form

      By Chris Brown 2 decades ago

      This could be done in the memo or calender forms as well

      To Display and/or Edit the "Follow Up Text" in the To Do Form…

      • In the table that contains the Subject, insert a row.
        • Format the text/table properties to match the Subject row (Left Margin = .05, Center, etc…)
        • Add a Description for the line. I used "Follow Up".
        • Create a field in the other box…
          • tmpFollowUpText as computed with a formula = FollowUpText
          • FollowUpText as editable. This allows you to modify it while editing.

            I believe there is a better way using computed values to combine the Folder and Subject (ala Eric Mack's screenshots at ica.com), but I haven't figured out how yet.
    • Can't mark the To Do as complete

      By Debora Cole 2 decades ago

      Not sure if I'm missing something but for those items I convert into a to do using this template, I take the necessary action but can't mark the item as complete. If I try to delete the item, I get a warning that I'm deleting an incomplete to do.