• Formatting of messages sent to SMTP addresses

    By Steve Cassidy 2 decades ago

    Just had someone send back the header of a message I sent to them from my mail file: when they get it, the from and reply section contains most of what I see in my Notes display, but it's spread out all over their header area, padded out with bunches of spaces n tabs and so forth. I suspect they are using something which strips out everything not plain text (just call me "mr plain text", heh!), and the handy parts of the Mail Experience form like "please respond to…" and so on are coming out mangled.

    Is it possible to excercise any control over recipient formatting for plain text? I tried changing the multipart preference in the SMTP config and they claim there's no difference in what they see, so I presume there is some role played in SMTP conversion by the content of the form layout?

    • Things to try...

      By Ben Rose 2 decades ago

      Have you tried this with the standard Lotus mail template and compared output?

      There's little change between the memo forms in the 2 different templates so I'd be surprised if OpenNTF had broken anything.

      If it's behaviour of the standard Lotus template, then try logging a call with Lotus.

      Or was your request meant to say "the standard Lotus template doesn't work too well, can you fix it?" ;O)

      Of course plain txt is a bit Old Skool these days, maybe people should progress and use a (secure) mail client that support MIME rich text. Notes anyone? :OP

      • The Old Skool

        By Steve Cassidy 2 decades ago

        What people are mostly progressing to is not using email at all; the golden goose is going out with the basthwater at the moment. I can try the standard template once I get another POP box pickup running; however, much as I would love to oblige my correspindets to run Notes, very few of them have the patience to work out what the hell is up with the IBM trial download site to actually get it going. I guess Zollar wasn't kidding about ignoring the sub-5,000 seat market. hell, he hasn't forgiven me for asking why the LDD forums didn't have an example Discovery Server query strapped to the side of them, way back at Lotusphere 2001!