• File to recent folders

    By Neale Upstone 2 decades ago

    I find that I tend to file mails to and from the same person in the same folder, so I've written a "File to recent folders" agent to automate that process. It is especially useful for people with many many folders.

    I think it'd be a great feature for the OpenNTF ME template. If you'd like my code, then please let me know and I'll send a template with the scripts and required view.

    All the best,



    • We would like this

      By P. J. Maloney 2 decades ago

      This would be a nice addition. Please also consider 'Save and Delete' functionality which adds the path where the attachment was save to in the original msg (see my comments on 'DetachAll' proposal).

      • To clarify: It's file to email folders (not desktop)

        By Neale Upstone 2 decades ago

        Looks like I wasn't clear in saying what the functionality is.

        What my agent does is go through the inbox, and offers to move each email to the last folder it was filed to.

        e.g. I might have folders called "Work", "Family" and "Friends" and I'd always file emails from my sisters in "Family". So, if I'd not done my filing in a while, the agent could do it for me, possibly automatically, on the emails that I've read.

        It works well for me, as I have around 100 folders, some of them 3 or 4 folders deep, so filing to those deep folders automatically is great.

    • Swiftfile?

      By Ben Rose 2 decades ago

      Sounds a bit like swiftfile to me, asked Neale to elaborate.