• Using the ME-Database as "my master list"

    By Marcel Schaefer 1 decade ago

    As a "strong email-driven" worker, I really like the OpenNTF ME-Template. As many of my daily tasks are based or depend on incoming emails, I like the idea to use GTD directly in my inbox.

    BUT: Unfortunatly, I have to use multiple lists as it seems to be to complicated to put my other tasks into the ME databse. This leads to at least a second list and the need "to synchronize them in mind".

    Actually, I use a dummy email which I copy into a new when I create a new task (like i.e. private tasks).

    So, it would be a helpful extension if I could create a new action without an email as its base. Just press a button and a new action/next step template comes up. With such an extension, it would be much easier to use the ME-Template as "my master GTD-list".

    A second helpful thing would be if I could switch the option "create a todo/task item" on by default.

    This option is useful to synchronize the action-items onto my windows mobile pda (which does not allow to replicate complete Notes-DB's).

    I should be glad to read your comments and thoughts about this.

    Regards, Marcel

    • This request may be better directed at the GTD project

      By Vince Schuurman/NotesOSS 1 decade ago