• DiscoverFolders/Show Foldername

    By Bastian Wieczorek 1 decade ago

    I would like to have the option to see the foldername from document in the "all documents" view. So it will be much more easier to work with documents. I think the funktion -> @Command( [DiscoverFolders] ) can be used for this.

    And maybe a button "Show folder" in a document would be nice. So when I click it, it will show the foldername where this document is "stored" in.

    • Discover folders is av. in all documents...

      By Vince Schuurman 1 decade ago

      …. under Folder/Discover Folders.

      Or did you mean something else?

    • DiscoverFolders/Show Foldername - a little update

      By Jan Vorel 1 decade ago

      I would change the ($Inbox) to 'Inbox' only - this would be more end-user friendly …