• Can we have the nice forwarded/replied icons?

    By Irene Warden 2 decades ago

    I know this is just presentation (and I'm obviously turning into a user!), but would it be possible to have the nice forwarded/replied 'arrow' icons, like the ones in the OpenNTF Mail Template? The current 'envelope with little arrow' icons look really naff in comparison.

    Apart from this, I think the work everyone is doing on both the Mail Template and Mail Experience template is excellent!

    • Although they are not a "cute", I like the fact that . . .

      By Sean Harris 2 decades ago

      they are the same as the Notes core Template which keeps things standardized. The OpenNTF mail template had these wammy jammy icons because there was no standard. Now there is a standard, there is no real reason to change them to something different.

      Good job Vince and Bruce, and the others who have helped on this!!

      • wammy jammy?....mmmm ;)

        By Vince Schuurman/NotesOSS 2 decades ago

        Besides the current (Lotus) icons are (very similar to) the ones we designed for the OpenNTF Mail Template 1.1. Isn't that what they call a regression bug?:).

        • ..but need the info

          By Kevin Poulton 2 decades ago

          I don't care as much about the icons but I miss the fact that I don't know when I forward or replied to an email. That is what I really want back….

          • Message History

            By Sue Beavis 2 decades ago

            Yes I really want the message history for "forward" and "replies" back.