• Add the "Serial Route Memo" function that use to be in R4.6

    By Sean Harris 2 decades ago

    What is it?

    Within your Mail, you have the ability to route messages serially. Different than a distribution list, or a list of names in the To:, cc:, and bcc: fields, routing a message means that it will go to people in the order that you list them. For example, if you are mailing expense reports through Lotus Notes Mail, either by attaching, copying and pasting, or embedding them, serial routing gives you the ability to submit the report first to your manager, then to their manager, and then to the accounting department.

    However, you don't have to be using expense reports to appreciate serial routing. You might have a mail memo that you want delivered to people in a certain order. For these purposes, serial mail routing is the way to go.

    A Serial Route message will be routed to each person listed in the Route to: field of the memo in the order in which you place people's names. You can address this memo to a list of individuals only; you can't use groups that you created in your address book. To create a Serial Route message:

    1. Open your Mail database, or select it in your workspace by clicking the Mail database icon.

    2. Choose Create, Special, and Serial Route Memo from the menu.

    3. The Serial Route Memo does not have a cc: or bcc: field. Fill in the Route To field with the names of those you want to route. Put them in the order that you want to route them.

    4. If you want to be notified of the delivery of this message to each recipient as they receive it, click the Notify Sender at Each Stop box.

    5. Click the Send button in the Action bar to send this message.

      This is a great feature, and I'm not sure why Lotus took it out, but you can copy iy out of the R4.6 Template and paste it into your current mailfile. All that would need to be done is some clean up and little bit of testing.
    • Ugh, this was supposed to be functionality, not UI

      By Sean Harris 2 decades ago

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