• Not able to get the tinkerpop Frames working

    By Shashikumar V 5 years ago


    I installed the latest version of the domino api (i.e RC2.1) and experimented with the graph api in creating edges and vertices, it worked fine. But frames is throwing exception. following is the sample code..

    private static final String server = ““;
    private static final String dbPath = “Graph.nsf”;

    Session s = Factory.fromLotus(NotesContext.getCurrent().getCurrentSession(), Session.class, null);

        Database db = s.getDatabase(server, dbPath);
        DominoGraph graph = new DominoGraph(db);
        FramedGraphFactory factory = new FramedGraphFactory();
        FramedGraph framedGraph = factory.create(graph);//Frame the graph.
          // adding the vertex and setting the name property
        Vertex v = framedGraph.addVertex(1);
        Person marko = (Person)framedGraph.frame(v, Person.class);
      // Reading back the value set in the previous step
        Person person = (Person)framedGraph.frame(graph.getVertex(1), Person.class);

    //Person Interface code is as follows:

    public interface Person extends VertexFrame

    public String getName();
    public void setName(String name); 


    The line FramedGraph framedGraph = factory.create(graph) is not working.

    Kindly let me know how to resolve this issue and also point me to any documentation or tutorial on how to use the tinkerpop api(blueprints, gremlin and frames) in domino.