• How to install the latest version RC2.1 in server and designer

    By Sridevi Kumaravel 5 years ago

    I could not see site.xml or any jar files, then how could i install this latest version in my server or designer.

    Please help

    • By Paul S Withers 5 years ago

      Please see this blog post https://frostillic.us/blog/posts/18E54DA31E8C3D6085257D5F0061660B

      • By Patrick Kwintensson 5 years ago

        Hello Paul

        here are the steps i take:

        • unpack the download, which is OpenNTF Domino API RC2.1- open the updateDesigner.nsf in Notes, sign all the content, - update the url references in updateDesigner.nsf e.g. nrpc:///__85257d25007297fc/site.xml
          note that the database does not reside in my Notes data directory
        • close Notes client, open Designer- choose File \ Application\ Install- select search for new features to install- choose add remote location- enter a name, enter the url nrpc:///__85257d25007297fc/site.xml, select OK
          the message no acceptable features found keeps appearing.
          I run Designer 9.01
        • By Jayson M Rondina 5 years ago

          Hi Patrick,

          I tried the steps you did and i works fine on my designer, did not encounter anything unusual on the installation process of the plugin.