• Web Services and Domino API - Factory.getSession

    By francesco marzolo 3 years ago

    I'm trying to get session in Domino Java webservice provider, doing a test conversion from this syntax:
    s = WebServiceBase.getCurrentSession();
    (import org.openntf.domino.*; import org.openntf.domino.utils.Factory;)

    public class hwProvider {

    Session s;
    public hwProvider() {
        System.out.println("Domino session setup");
       //ODA s = WebServiceBase.getCurrentSession();
        s = Factory.getSession();

    but it seem to not getting fine this object, no message, no error.

    • By Nathan T Freeman 3 years ago

      We do not yet support WebServices as an execution context for the ODA. In fact, this is the first time anyone has requested it to my knowledge. Would you be interested in helping with the implementation?

      • By francesco marzolo 3 years ago

        Thak you Nathan, I am not a good Java developer. It likes my very much indeed, but it is above my skills.