• Help with HyperSearch db

    By Patrick Kwintensson 4 years ago

    I installed the 2.0 release in order to investigate the hyper search function. unfortunately the documentation is a bit limited.

    • Checked: Put org.openntf.domino.plugin and org.openntf.domino.xsp on your Domino server.

    I assume this is the C:\Program Files\IBM\Domino\xsp folder ?

    • Checked: Import the redpill index demo folder into Designer as an on-disk project

    • Checked: Create a new template from the on-disk project

    • Checked: Create a new database from the template on your Domino server

    • Checked: open the database from a web browser to SearchSample.xsp

    • Checked: Click on the “S E A R C H” link at the top. The server console will inform you when the scan is complete.

    Does everything have to be sent to the console?

    • Happy searching!

    What results should I expect? After I hit the SEARCH LINK no results are being displayed. Does this function require further configuration? How to?