• LogFormat like the Domino Console Log

    By Alexander Unger 1 decade ago


    i am realy happy about this Database - good work!

    .. but one Feature i miss: The Domino Log style.

    because i didn't need one LogEntry per Document - i need x LogEntry per Document (it is better readable). So there ary 2 ways:

    1.)new Function or new Option to Log All Entry's in one Document


    2.) an Agent who compress the LogEntry's in one Document (like a pre-stage for Archive)


    • Maybe you could use a subclass?

      By Julian Robichaux 1 decade ago

      Alexander -

      I didn't really address this in the 1.0 release, mostly because the log documents are really set up to have one error per doc, but in 1.0 I've provided some information about how to subclass the LotusScript LogItem class, which would allow you to customize what happens to the errors/events when they're trapped, so you could do anything you want to with them. Maybe that'll help?

      • Julian