• DEad link in Using OplenLog

    By Lars Berntrop 1 decade ago


    I'm looking through OpenLog, and tried to foolow the link:


    in the Using OpenLog document.

    Sadly it no longer works! I have tried to search for it at Andrew's site, but have been unable to locate a document which seems appropiate.

    I would very much appreciate a working link.



    • Here are the new links

      By Julian Robichaux 1 decade ago

      These look like the pages in question (the original page and a follow-up post):



      I'll update the link in the next version of the template. Thanks!

      • Julian
      • By Lars Berntrop 1 decade ago

        Thanks for the update!

        Looking at the text preceding the link, I notice you propose to share a NotesSession object. But Andrew shows that this does not speed up anything, it slows stuff down.

        Idea: Is it possible that the first call to OpenLog creates a Session specifically for use by OpenLog, which survives until Notes is exited or a timer goes off. (Like 5 or 10 minutes.)

        This way Session object creation overhead goes way down, without the user of the OpenLog class having to manage Session objects.