• ($Trash) folder for soft deletions

    By John Smart 1 decade ago

    I'd like to see OpenLog have a trash folder to support soft deletions.

    • Like the "Admin\Soft Deletions" View?

      By Julian Robichaux 1 decade ago

      Is there an advantage to having a folder named ($Trash) as opposed to, say, the "Admin\Soft Deletions" view that's already there?

      I'm not being sarcastic there. Just wondering if a ($Trash) folder might do something that the view doesn't do.

      • Sorry, and No

        By John Smart 1 decade ago

        Sorry I hadn't seen this one before now, and no, there isn't a difference. I just hadn't seen that before. Go ahead and close this request, please.

        and thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, Julian!