• UseDefaultLogDb's return value considered useless :-)

    By John Smart 1 decade ago

    I just tried the following code for my app:

    If Not UseDefaultLogDb() Then Call UseCustomLogDb(session.GetDatabase(strServer, "OpenLog.nsf"))

    However, it didn't work as expected. As near as I can tell, UseDefaultLogDb will always return true because session.GetDatabase always returns a NotesDatabase object whether it exists or not.

    Can you change the last line of the function from

    UseDefaultLogDb = Not (logDb Is Nothing)

    to the following instead?

    If logDb is Nothing Then

    UseDefaultLogDb = False


    UseDefaultLogDb = logDb.IsOpen

    End If

    • HA! Good catch.

      By Julian Robichaux 1 decade ago

      LOL. That's funny. You're right, of course. I'll make that change in the 1.5 production release.