• $NoPurge

    By Fero Kossuth 8 years ago

    set $NoPurge field to "" in "NotificationProfile" form.

    this will help to keep log clean: simply select in replication options "Remove documents not modified in the last (days) XX". this is better than deleting documents (from view or scheduled agent) - there are no deletion stubs left, documents just disapear. setting $NoPurge on iportant documents will keep them safe from disapearing.

    • I vote yes. ;-)

      By John Smart 8 years ago

      Not that this is a democracy, Julian, but if I had a vote, I'd definitely raise my hand on this one. This one's easy to implement and is a great idea.

      • Excellent Idea

        By Julian Robichaux 8 years ago

        Excellent idea. I hadn't thought of that one. I'll take a look.