• Error message after installing OpenLog.nsf

    By Roger A Olavsen 1 decade ago

    I have try to test the event log function in my own application and receive the following error:

    Generic LSE Failure (no more info!)

    To start with I managed to create some log document. I did not change any code except from renaming the nsf-file, and defined a message like:


    I'm not so good at programming, but the application I've created is used in our company to register customer complaints and have a workflow on these. I have created a SENDMEMO sub (LS) which do the workflow task and put the Call LogEvent function in the script.

    The error message is created just as soon I try to open an existing document, and also when I try to create a new complaint case in the database.

    I've tried this out in my local copy of the application. When I solve the problem I describe, I want to put the OpenLog.nsf on the server. How do I describe the path to the log? Is it enough to put it in the same place as the complaint application?

    The complaint database is on the integrated filesystem on our iSeries Server, not on any Intel platform.

    Thanks in advance for any help and inputs.