• Type mismatch in LogEvent function

    By Benedict R Poole 1 decade ago

    Now this is a weird one, and it doesn't seem to affect the functionality. When running a LogEvent call via the Lotusscript debugger I noticed that this line in the LogEvent function raised a Type Mismatch error, even though globalLogItem was defined, and its "message" attribute was populated - go figure!:

    LogEvent = globalLogItem.message<br/>
    Exit Function<br/>

    I'll post back if I can dig out anything. I thought it might be related to a public/ private clash, but "message" is a public string, so that shouldn't be the issue at all (and in any case, the event is successfully logged).

    • Oops. I'll fix that

      By Julian Robichaux 1 decade ago

      Ben -

      Boy, that just shows weak testing on my part. The LogEvent function is set to return an Integer (like LogError is), but the message is obviously a String.

      I'll change that. I'll have to make sure to change it in such a way that require existing agents that use that script library to be recompiled…

      • Julian