• Field Position should be editable

    By Christian Buchacher 2 decades ago

    I always try to tell stories with my picures this is why I need the photos in a fixed order.

    Pictures are currently either sorted by their name or or by the hidden field "Position" which can be populated by a view action. Why not make the field Positionen visible & editable in the document, this way making it easier to change the position of a photo within an album?

    I would appreciate this small change very much!



    • Re: editable position field

      By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

      Christian, please specify why the current solution to use the "up" and "down" buttons are not suficcient. I prefer the current solution as it prevents users to give the same number more than once.

      Christian Brandlehner

      • By Christian Buchacher 2 decades ago

        Sorry, I had not yet realized the up and down buttons… I am content with this solution and I do not suggest a change any more…

        Thank you,