• "Notes-Link" should be configurable

    By Rune Carlsen 2 decades ago

    Meaning, - if you don't want it, you should be able to configure that it shouldn't show. I have hundreds of users looking at my pictures, and none of them have Notes. Why should they see this link? I should at the db level be able to set if it should be visible or not.

    Rune Carlsen

    • Re: Notes-Link

      By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

      Rune, please check your databases ACL.

      This code displays the link:

      Plink_Image := "/"+ @WebDbName + "/notes_blue.gif";

      NotesLink := "\"Notes-Link\" ";


      It is checking for the Role "ONPD-Admin", you should be the only person with this role, but not the Anonymous user.


      • You are of course right....

        By Rune Carlsen 2 decades ago

        Sorry for that, stupid me.