• Image rating

    By Sander Zwart 2 decades ago

    Currently you can send a vote for an image. I shoul be nice when users are able to rate the picture e.g. 1 to 10

    • Re: Image rating

      By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

      Hi Sander,

      please help me developing this idea. Do you think about replacing the vote with the rating process?

      And to go more into detail: Do I understand right that you suggest to have a default of rating 5 for each picture and people can add ratings so we have good pictures (5 and above) as well as pictures do not want to see in this album (below 5).

      Please respond with your ideas. Maybe you have some time to build a prototype?


      • This is exactly what I mean

        By Sander Zwart 2 decades ago


        what you wrote is exactly what i mean. Whit the curent voting option people can vote as much as they want. I prefer to rate images. maybe a system as used on www.hotornot.com or some kind of sites

    • Image rating

      By Ray Davies 2 decades ago