• Any EXIF information obtained from the original picture should be saved to the photo document for reference.

    By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago
    • Re: Any EXIF information...

      By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

      At the moment the 'Open Notes Picture Database' is not using any EXIF information stored in pictures. If anybody has some code to contribute please post it here so it could be added to the application.


      • I have EXIF import

        By Ondrej Kostruh 2 decades ago

        I alread have completed EXIF import fo my image database. It based on Jhead uitility form http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/jhead/ which extract EXIF data from pics and save it to the text file. Then I read and parse this text file. Presume that one (notes) document is one picture.

        • Implementation?

          By Pascal Koller 2 decades ago

          That's fabulous news and would really make a difference to an already great project (thanks, Christian).

          How do you use the jhead-code in the database, though? Could you kindly tell me how to implement it, which version to download from the website you suggested etc?

          Thank you!