• support for small mpeg files

    By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

    most digital cameras can make small mpeg files. I would like to see a functionality to add this kind of files to the picture database.

    Anybody has an idea on how to generate a preview image of an mpeg movie?

    • support for small mpeg files

      By Roger Fitch 2 decades ago
    • I would love to avi feature too

      By Lee Wasson 2 decades ago

      Perhaps you could use a default image when attaching mpg & avi's. Our make the who process manual where the author can attach, thumbnial of choice and movie within a category.

      • playing video files

        By Kris Hansen 2 decades ago

        I had written some lotusscript in R4 (~96) that invoked some api calls to play a video file.

        This was very simple and created more to play the 'leary domino ads' then anything else..

        If the video file was in a rich text field, I could create an action button on the form to play the video or

        stop the video.

        It would store the video in a temp location on the drive and play it from there, I had always wanted to

        evolve this into a full streaming mode. I had abandoned this effort when an alliance was announced

        between Real corp and Lotus, which seemed to indicate that the "Video Notes" product would evolve

        into streaming. I don't think it ever did?

        I'm not sure that this code would be useful today from an implementation point of view. I had tested it

        on 4.0x/Win95/98/2000.

        The API hooks are windows only in this code, it might make sense to create a java player instead?

        There are probably many more streaming classes available these days to achieve this.

        One challenge that I remember distinctly is wanting to be able to manipulate the rich text attachment

        directly; having to temp it out to the file system was both time consuming and annoying. This too

        might also be easier now.

        I would be glad to contribute this code or my experiences and ideas if they can help.


    • support for small mpeg files

      By Lee Wasson 2 decades ago
    • support for small mpeg files

      By Ray Davies 2 decades ago
    • news on implementing feature to import videos

      By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago