• add support for Rhizomatics Domino counter

    By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

    This is the counter:


    Is it a good idea to have an interface to this counter?

    • could you briefly explain what it is, for lazy guys like me?

      By Rune Carlsen 2 decades ago



      • this is

        By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

        an Domino Application that just displays graphical counters on any webpage. Just add some html code and it works. The benefit is a centralized counter application for all your webpages so you can make statistics for hits, user agents, whatever.

        But no light without shadow, although the database was published on Sourceforge some vital parts of the application are not open source.

        • oh, nice... but

          By Rune Carlsen 2 decades ago

          "not open source" - have they "hidden design"? Isn't that pretty easy to unlock? At least it used to be…

          Anyway - do we need to change the code? I mean, it probably works and all we need to do is to apply/change css/html code?

          Do you know if there is a Domino-demo somewhere, using this application?


          • Re - not open source

            By Christian Brandlehner 2 decades ago

            The "domcount" databases design is open but the agent just references to some LSS files, and they are not published.

            Anyway, we don't need to change the code. We will just add some HTML code and maybe a Notes Link to the statistics as well as a button to create a new counter. So you can have individial counters for each album for example.

            This is just to give an idea. I am not sure if I will invest time into that by myself but probably anybody in this community feels the need to implement this.