• Back End Audit

    By john cawrey 1 decade ago

    Many times, I use code in buttons, or wizard style dialog boxes to load a doc and then update it in the back end. This often makes it easier for the end user to enter small amounts of information rather than opening the whole document and finding the relevant sections. I would find it extremely useful if I could as part of my script :

    1) load a document into OpenAudit's 'memory' when I load the dialog box

    2) after the user finishes and I update the backend document, I fire the amended document into OpenAudit again, and have OpenAudit work out the changes and make log entries as required.

    As I stand now, when viewing the audit of a document, only changes made to the Uidoc are visible. Its confusing when you view the audit and the document no longer reflects the last value in the audit, and makes the audit worthless :-(

    • Did you look at the OpenAudit Class

      By Chad Schelfhout 1 decade ago

      The OpenAudit class is called be the OpenAuditUI classes. Check out the setDocument so open audit knows which document is being opened. The use the generateAuditClose or generateAuditSave to generate the audit logs. This should create the same logs as the UI.

      Hope that helps.

      • back end audit

        By john cawrey 1 decade ago

        Nope, still struggling…

        can you give me another clue please.


        • Send me an e-mail

          By Chad Schelfhout 1 decade ago

          Check out the "(Web Save Example) " agent.

          If you still need help send me an e-mail with what you have.

          • working perfectly now. Thanks

            By john cawrey 1 decade ago