• 'On Opening' Audit

    By john cawrey 1 decade ago

    any merit in including an 'On opening' audit, that simply logs who opened a document and when, regardless of whether the document was changed or not?. Ordinarily for a doc that is set to audit 'on change' nothing would get logged even on the On Close event [would it?] but with an On Open audit we could see whos been peeking at things…

    • Interesting idea

      By Chad Schelfhout 1 decade ago

      Currently most of the lookups are by field name, but a few are by the form so this could be shown there. Maybe a view just for that information.

      If I was going to capture the who and open the document then I would also capture how long they had the document open. One last bit of information would if the ever edited the document, and if they did if any changes where made.

      I am talking myself into more work. I will look into this more.