• Roll Back / Episodic stamp

    By john cawrey 1 decade ago

    when a doc audit is created, each field audit is individually time and date stamped. Can you add an episodic stamp such that all fields that are amended in the same loop get the same episode ID. This could allow developers to roll back changes since they can undo all changes from a single episode.

    Further, if all fields are written to the audit it could be possible to reproduce the UI doc from the Audit, without having to use notes versioning, since each episode will have its own version number (of sorts)

    Hope that makes sense. TIA.

    • I like the idea

      By Chad Schelfhout 1 decade ago

      I like the roll back option, I will add it to the list of improvements.

    • Possible implementation

      By Chad Schelfhout 1 decade ago

      If you are looking to role back a document how about implementing something like what a version control does. Here is why and how: With the current implementation of Open Audit the data is written to separate log documents and not all fields could be written (there is no guarantee that all the fields are written). Secondly all rich text fields are converted to text, and attachments are not audited. What I am thinking is doing more of a label/version of the document but place it in the Open Audit log stream, then if a user looked at the log history of that document this document would be listed also. The field could state something like 'System Version' and the value would be a short description of why the label was made. This label would be called via LotusScript and the CopyAllItems (or something similar) would be used to copy all the items including attachments to the labeled audit log. Then when a restored needed to happen then a view would only show the labeled log documents to select from.

      Let me know your thoughts on this.