• Accuracy for numerical

    By Sergie Krupenin 1 decade ago


    I love this project!! Thank you once again!

    I want to make a graph for currency rates EUR/USD, CHF/USD, and they are in range 1,0000…1,5000. I have this data ready, and when I make Flash of Excel graph – it make all rates equal to 1 (if rate<1,5), or equeal to 2 (if rate>1,5). Can you remove round operations or specify accuracy??

    • Good Point about Accuracy

      By David Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

      Have implemented this in the development copy and it wasn't difficult.

      Below are the steps in fixing this. Please let me know how this goes.

      We just need to change the declarations for array() to make it Double instead of Long. This is found in the Chart-SubLibrary in the Declarations in "Class virtualTable". The line to change is

      Private array() As Long 'This array is redim'ed in the New() sub…

      This needs to become…

      Private array() As Double

      When you save this the compiler will prompt you to change the other Redim reference to array() and it is easy to find the other examples.