• GUI - L&F

    By Elvis Dominguez 2 decades ago

    Hi, I think this tool is useful and so revolutionary.

    But I think that the L&F/GUI is not so beautyful.

    Can you do it in Notes 6 style ? You need some help? I'll can do for you something?

    I'll be happy to help you continue developing this product, the GUI but also coding…

    My english isn't perfect but I can Italian too. A bit of French, German and Spanish are know too.

    Thanks best regards E. Dominguez

    • New GUI

      By Renaud Thievent 2 decades ago

      Hi Elvis,

      I agree that the user interface can be improved. Simone and myself tried first to make the software as much reliable as possible.

      So if you want, feel free to propose a new GUI !!


      • New GUI

        By Elvis Dominguez 2 decades ago

        Hi Renaud,

        I'll try to make something. I've seen that the target release is 6.x, so I'll do it with 6.5

        When I have something ready I post here, so you can tell me where to send the db for approvance.

        best regards


      • New GUI: Screenshots

        By Elvis Dominguez 2 decades ago

        Hi Renaud,

        I have something ready, where can I send you some screens? If you prefer please mail me at this address:

        e.dominguez (at) ticino.com

        Best regards