• Has anybody tried the free "ClamWin Antivirus" ?

    By Hynek Kobelka 1 decade ago


    there is a completly free antivirus available at Sourceforge.net called "ClamWin Antivirus" that gets regular updats of its virus database. I wonder if anyone has tried to use it with "MailScan" ?



    Both versions (for Linux and Windows) can be triggered from the command lines.

    According to the documentation of the Windows version:

    "… When run from the command line, a value will be returned, indicating whether or not a virus

    was detected. If no virus is found, the return value will be 0. If a virus is found, the return

    value is 1. Any other return value indicates an error…."

    Right now I am testing the Linux version and it seems really nice. Properbly next week I will test it with MailScan and post some results then. If anybody has tied and teste this AV or got it to work with MailScan please post your expirience.

    Thanks in advance



    • I create an adaptation of mailscan for clamav

      By Gregor Ibic 1 decade ago

      An it works really nice. I updated templates/db an addins so it supports all clamav functions/responses.

      I wanted to post it to mailscan, but i dont see a way to post files to a project.

      You can DL it from www.intelicom.si -> download -> Intelitrust (select english first)

      DB is already preconfigured and it is in english

      Next step is to code it to use clamav libs directly. It will be superfast.


      Gregor Ibic

      Intelicom d.o.o.


      • Thanks for the info ...

        By Hynek Kobelka 1 decade ago


        thanks for the information. I will try it as soon as possible.



      • Broken file for download?

        By Jens Bruntt 1 decade ago

        I tried downloading the file from your site.

        It's in .tar format. My Winzip says it's broken. Is it?

    • Tried - no luck

      By Jens Bruntt 1 decade ago

      I just tried using ClamWin with MailScan with no luck.

      ClamWin is supposed to throw either a 1 or a 0 when it scans, but I get something other that. So something is not working the way it's supposed to.

      It is probably me who is not configuring the MailScan properly for using ClamWin.

    • Update: Tried with success

      By Jens Bruntt 1 decade ago

      Now I've got MailScan working with ClamWin.




      This is not like it is put in the documentation, which states that you should include the server name. But for some reason MailScan was unable to find the configuration when I did like this:


      Maybe MailScan doesn't like dots in the server name?

      Configuration database:

      I had to do do a modification to the configuration form. I enablede the attribute on the form that allow it to be created from the Create menu.

      Configuration document:

      Calling command line: c:\clamwin\bin\clamscan.exe


      Calling parameters: –database="c:\clamwin\db" –recursive

      I modified the two first sets of "Returncodes and associated text" like this:

      No virus found

      Returncode: 0


      Text before Subject?: no

      BodyText rc0:

      Delete Attachment: no

      Replace attachment text:

      Mail attachment to:

      Virus found

      Returncode: 1

      Text: (Virous found - see explanation below)

      Text before Subject?: yes

      BodyText rc1: WARNING - one or more files included in this mail file has been found to be infected with a virus.

      Delete Attachment: no

      Replace attachment text:

      Mail attachment to:

      The rest of the configurations I just left like they were.

    • MailScan 0.99d + Clam-AV working great till now

      By Jose M Rodriguez 1 decade ago


      we are still under test but it is working great for now. Planning to go to production.<br/>

      It is running with Domino 6.5.2 (spanish lang pack) on a windows 2000 advanced server (english).

      Command line: C:\ClamWin\bin\clamscan.exe

      Scan: File

      Parameters: –quiet –database="C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.clamwin\db" –recursive

      Congratulations for great software,

      José ManuelRodríguez

      • ClamAV + Linux + Domino?

        By Eriks Goodwin 1 decade ago

        Anyone have good instructions for installing ClamAV on a Linux based Domino server?

        • Tip from Jose M Rodriguez

          By Hans-Georg Franke 1 decade ago

          Hi, you read the tip from Jose M Rodriguez?