• Great, but one thing is missing...

    By wolfgang haderlein 1 decade ago

    First: Very usefull and userswill like it!!

    But the last step is missing, which is important: Mails are too in group mail-boxes and applications. So please think about an option to include applications and make the view/folder to lookup in for mails changeable (not hardcoded $inbox).

    Kind regards


    PS: What's about the "ScanPlus Datenbankkonfiguration" in the client preferences?

    • Implemented with 1.0.9

      By Markus Köstner 1 decade ago


      good idea that. I extended the mail monitor with that now and uploaded the release 1.0.9.

      Note that the tool is intended for mails, so originally it expects mail documents (from, deliverydate, subject) to display correctly.

      The prefereneces has been removed (they are used internally in out company).

      Thank you for the tip.