• Dynamic Attachments

    By mark hooper 9 years ago

    A fantastic solution that has been well recieved by all users!

    Would be great if it could handle dynamic email attachments based on file path data held in the source data spreadsheet.

    • Attachments and Embedded Images

      By David Turner 9 years ago

      Hi Mark,


      Good suggestion. I have had a number of requests for this feature, and it seems feasible.

      I have found a little free time, so I'll investigate what can be done and get back to you.




    • Attachments enhancement complete

      By David Turner 9 years ago

      I am pleased to advise that the Create Mail Merge function can now append attachments to generated emails!


      In your spreadsheet, create a column with header of 'Attachments'. For each row, a list of file names can be provided as pipe-separated, and/or wildcards, and these files will be embedded as attachments at the top of the email body.

      See screenshot for an example.


      Before I release this enhancement, I want to work on a further enhancement to support in-line embedded images (MIME fun), but if that looks like it'll take too long I'll release this change as-is.



      - David

      • Attachments released in Mail Merge 1.2

        By David Turner 9 years ago


        I've just uploaded a new release 1.2 with the enhancement you've requested. Let me know what you think (leave a review!)


        The embedded MIME images will have to wait for now :)

        - David