• Reply-To Field

    By Darren Shukri 9 years ago

    Hi David,

         Firstly, keep up the good work.  This project fills a much needed gap in the functionality of Lotus Notes.

         In a corporate environment it is often required to have replies to emails sent to a different address from that which they were sent from.  Would it be possible to include the Reply-To field* in those collected from the spreadsheet and/or from the drafted template?


        * Whilst I appreciate Notes does not display a Reply-To field it does have this functionality squirrelled away in the advanced tab of "Delivery Options"


    Many thanks,



    • Reply-To

      By David Turner 9 years ago

      Okay, thanks for the suggestion and the tip on how this might work.


      In our environment, to overcome this problem, the Mail Merge script is typically added to a 'generic' anonymous group mailbox (which only certain people have access to), as even with a Reply-To, the original senders address would still be visible!


      Nevertheless I'll investigate adding a Reply-To function as you've requested :)


      - David

      • Dynamic ReplyTo available in 1.3 - But maybe try DominoTeamMailbox?

        By David Turner 9 years ago

        Hi Darren,


        Well this was easier than expected, so i am happy to say that dynamic "ReplyTo" support will be available in release 1.3 (just waiting for a new ID file). Testing of this function in Notes r8.5 went well, and everything I've read suggests it will work in Notes r7 as well. It only gets tricky when trying to force Notes to use a different "Sender" or "Principal" address (and I won't be going there anytime soon!).


        Note also that in the existing code, if you can set the ReplyTo on the original Mail Merge 'draft' template email (by using the 'Delivery Options...' dialog, 'Advanced' tab), that reply address will be copied and used for all generated emails as well. So this dynamic "ReplyTo" function  in v1.3 is only required if you want that address to be different for each generated email.


        That said, instead of depending on any Reply-To functions, I would still recommend you use the Mail Merge functions from a generic Mail-In database. From a cursory glance, it would seem that this Mail Merge project would be fully compatible with the DominoTeamMailbox mail template, which includes a superior spam protection and a lot of other cool features. I might have to make a suggestion that these be rolled together!


        Hope that helps and thanks again for the suggestion.

        Please remember to rate and review :D


        - David

    • Delivery Options added in 1.3.1

      By David Turner 9 years ago

      A feature to copy the Reply To (and all other Delivery Options) from the master email template has been implemented in 1.3.1.