• Notes 9 Support

    By Michael J Stokes 5 years ago

    Are there plans to support Lotus Notes 9. I use Linux, but this is a general question.
    When I try to “create” my mail merge, Notes tells me this:
    “Type mismatch in method OP_IS: EMPTY found, Unknown expected”
    I guess this is a Notes 9 thing,

    • By Todd Lambert 5 years ago

      The issue is not with Notes 9. I had the same error until I loaded Office. This script will not work with anything but office. For example Open Office will not work.

      • By David Turner 3 years ago

        Todd is correct. OLE to Office/Excel is required at this time.
        Eventually, someone might implement CSV support.

        Microsoft/Notes OLE integration

    • By Joel Michaels 3 years ago

      Currently, you must download the tool below to support Linux. The tool is a third-party software which is a simple Notes DB app. It supports Notes (Standard) and Notes (Basic) running on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. You can import Excel if you first save it as a CSV file, then use the “Import CSV (Comma delimited) button in the app. You can use the Lite (free) version, but for full features you need to purchase a license.

      Video: Mail merge Excel to IBM Notes

      Print Merge Reporter (PMR) for IBM Notes - Mail merge Excel to IBM Notes: