• 'Send Mail Merge' Functions - MIME Format

    By Tony Chiu 9 years ago


    The mailmerge tool is very interested by our users.  However, we encountered problem when the receipient is a Non-Notes users. 

    The problem seems related to the 'Send Mail Merge' and 'Send Selected Mail Merge' functions.  The functions did not change the encoding to MIME format and delivered the mail as plain text.  Our current available workaround is to open the draft mail prepared by mailmerge and send the each mail using built-in Notes 'send' button.

    Any enhancements can be made with the 'Send Mail Merge' and 'Send Selected Mail Merge' functions?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Tony Chiu.

    • HTML Troubleshooting + Solution for 8.5.1

      By David Turner 9 years ago

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the question.


      I am not an expert in Domino or MIME, but the Mail Merge agents do not perform any special conversion. Although the default format in Notes is Notes Rich Text, it should support HTML/MIME just as well!


      I expect you are seeing different results due to your Notes/Domino configuration relating to how it converts Notes RichText into HTML MIME for external internet addresses. I believe The Notes Client settings would be used when you manually click 'Send', but (as Vladimir discovered earlier) the Domino Server settings would be used when sending through the Mail Merge agent.


      Firstly, check your Lotus Notes Client configuration:

      File -> Preferences -> Locations -> Edit Location -> Mail -> Format for internet addresses: = MIME Format

      File -> Preferences -> Mail -> Internet -> Internet Mail Format: = HTML and Plain Text


      Secondly, check your Domino Server configuration wth reference to the relevant IBM InfoCenter documentation:

      Message Format: = Convert from Notes to HTML - Domino converts the text in a Notes rich-text document to HTML. If the message contains file attachments, Domino creates a multipart/mixed MIME message and includes the attachment in that part. If the message contains images, Domino includes the images in the message body by creating a multipart/related part. If you are experiencing problems when MIME messages are rendered within an IMAP client, use this setting or use "from Notes to Plain Text and HTML."


      Hope that helps. If not, please provide some screenshots of the message you are trying to send and the results and I'll try to help where I can.



      Update 9 May 2013

      Our users were having the same problem recently sending email with Rich Text tables to internet addresses where the Domino server has default Plain text conversion. I discovered a fix for Notes 8.5.1+ users ONLY: Modify the SaveAndSend method of these agents to call doc.ConvertToMime as below:

          Sub SaveAndSend
          Description: Saves and sends the document
      %END REM
      Public Sub saveAndSend(doc As NotesDocument)    
          doc.SaveMessageOnSend = True
          doc.PostedDate = Now()
          'Convert RichText fields to HTML + Plaintext
          Call doc.ConvertToMime
          'Syntax: notesDocument.Send( attachForm [, recipients ] )
          Call doc.Send(False)
      End Sub

      I will investigate adding this function to the next release.




    • MIME support added in v1.4

      By David Turner 7 years ago

      MailMerge v1.4 now supports RichText to HTML/MIME format email conversion.

      This is activated by Installer/Administrator (see the updated 1.4 installation guide) and only works for Notes 8.5.1+ users.


      When the ALLOW_CONVERT_TO_MIME constant is activated, and you're using Notes 8.5.1 or greater, the script will now automatically toggle into MIME (HTML) mode if it detects you're sending email to external recipients; that is, if the TO, CC or BCC fields contain an (@) character.

      There is likely to be some impact to layout and formatting due to the MIME conversion. E.g. tables will have borders, fonts, paragraphs and styling may be slightly adjusted. Also, some code has been added to change the way dynamic Attachments are added when in MIME mode.


      This uses the Notes 8.5.1 ConvertToMime function as the generated drafts are saved.