• Installation

    By David Turner 8 years ago

    Developers. Any thoughts on how I can improve the installation process?

    I could bundle the configured agents in a simple NTF, but the agents must ultimately reside in a Mailbox database (containing "Common" script lib), to be able to compile, run, and create draft emails on behalf of a user.

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      By David Turner 8 years ago

      Whoops, wanted this as a new discussion, not a response.

    • Import and Export for Designer implemented in v1.1

      By David Turner 8 years ago

      Niklas Heidloff suggested OpenNTF projects are best bundled using the Import and Export for Designer Eclipse plugin.
      I documented how to install this plugin in Domino Designer in a document: Installing the ImportExport Plugin.docx
      Niklas has created a demonstration video on how to use this plugin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLIkgbtkUiQ


      MailMerge Excel to Notes project release 1.1 and future releases will be bundled using this Import and Export plugin.


      Note: This still doesn't resolve the problem with language independence. Minor manual adjustments to the 'Use "Common"' line in the 'Create Mail Merge' agent code will still be required for Notes 7/8 Mail templates which are not English and don't have that exact script library.