• Response docs moved too

    By Michael de Haas 1 decade ago

    Stig, while I am requesting. I have noticed some docs get left behind. On inspection, they are response docs created from replies. I did not check to see if they were originally orphans, but that may be the reason why they did not migrate. If so, can the migration of orphaned response docs be forced?

    • Functionality not UI

      By Michael de Haas 1 decade ago

      This should be under functionality and UI.

      Thanks again.

      Michael de Haas

      • UI

        By Stig Olav Kvam 1 decade ago

        Yes, it should be 'selectable' in the merge settings.

    • Potentially yes

      By Stig Olav Kvam 1 decade ago

      Now the selection of documents and transfers are based on the main documents. If there are responses to the main documents they are transferred. If the document is an orphaned document it is not transferred by default, since it does not have an owner.

      It can be set to transfer 'all', need to make sure the performance don't get hit though…

      • Good point

        By Michael de Haas 1 decade ago

        Your point noted, this may require a UI option to select (especially if it hits performance, maybe a warning notice to user).

        The functionality to tx the orphans required as I am coming across the orphan problem in 'every second' database - or often enough that I cannot use the auto delete after successful completion option.

        • Orphaned documents

          By Stig Olav Kvam 1 decade ago

          …are covered in the release 1.04.005. 'Single' folder(s) have not been addressed yet.